Card compromise explained

Some Family Trust members are receiving email notification today of a security breach that occurred at a national fast food chain. Those without email will receive a letter being mailed this week. It is Family Trust’s top priority to respond to questions those members may have.

As a result of this breach, we are in the process of reissuing new debit and credit cards and new personal identification numbers (PIN) to those affected. This process could take several days in order to serve the number of members whose accounts were compromised. Once your new card is received, your old card will be blocked.

Although there has not been fraudulent activity on accounts, Family Trust has taken a proactive approach to alert members and is taking the necessary steps to ensure that card access is not affected. This breach was not something that the credit union could control. We remain committed to the security of our systems.

As always, we recommend you monitor your account on a consistent basis and notify us if you notice any unusual activity.