Family Trust can make car-buying easy


You found your dream car and are ready to buy. But are you really? Visit Family Trust first and let us pre-approve your loan so you’ll know what you can afford and how to negotiate.

“It can be hard to find the right car,” said Josh Nyegaard, manager of our York branch. “You need to know what your budget is and what you want your monthly payments to be.”

Buying a car doesn’t have to be difficult, Josh says. Here are a few tips:

Determine your budget. A good rule is to spend no more than 15 percent of your monthly household income on all your cars, said Josh. Our online calculators can help you determine what you can afford and if a car loan or home equity is the best way to pay. We offer a discounted rate to members who have Premier Choice Checking.

Narrow your search. Do you want a two- or four-door car, gas or diesel, automatic or standard transmission? Visit or for help.

Determine the true cost to buy and maintain the car. In addition to the sales price, you’ll pay state sales tax, tag and title fees, property tax, and insurance. And that doesn’t include costs down the road like gas, tires, oil changes, etc.

Get pre-approved by Family Trust. Getting pre-approved lets you know how much car you can afford and gives you negotiating power. Apply online, by phone or in a branch. We’ll respond quickly.

We also offer E-Sign, which enables you to sign documents electronically, saving time and paperwork. Our multi-layer authentication program ensures personal security.

Test drive. Take the whole family for the test drive; they’ll let you know if the car’s a good fit.

Research. Research. Research. Figure out the invoice price, learn about discounts and rebates in advance, and read reviews.