Call or Visit When You Need A New Card


With the new chip debit cards on the way, we are not able to issue credit or debit cards in our branches at this time.

Until the service is restored, you can replace a lost or stolen debit or credit card by calling 803-367-4100 or visiting a branch. The new card will arrive within 7 to 10 days. The PIN will arrive in a separate mailing. (This is a great time to make sure we have an accurate address on file; verify your email address, too!)

You can now personalize your PIN at any Family Trust ATM provided you know the old PIN.

Call or visit if you find an unauthorized transaction on your debit or credit card. Our representatives will complete the dispute form and order a new card with a new number, security code, expiration and PIN. The card and the PIN will be mailed to you.

For faster protection, use the card controls feature in mobile banking. You can disable a card and restore it with the swipe of a button.