Traveling? Let Us Know Before You Go


Before you leave on vacation – even when traveling throughout South Carolina – please let us know so we can make sure you have access to your debit and credit cards while you’re on the road.

We protect your accounts by monitoring for unusual activity so using your card in an area where activity doesn’t usually occur could trigger a decline. Likewise, traveling in restricted states can result in a decline. Letting us know in advance can help you avoid inconvenient declines or holds.

You also need to call before you book international flights or overseas accommodations.

Simply fill out the Travel Notification Form or call us at 803-367-4100 before you travel and we’ll make sure you have access to your card. It only takes a few minutes and can save you a world of headaches when traveling this summer (or any season)!

More safety tips

You may also want to use the card control feature on our mobile app that allows you to disable a card and restore it with the swipe of a button. Use it to immediately disable a lost or stolen card or just for safety’s sake when you’re not using it – especially when traveling.

And, we also offer fraud prevention alerts will email, text or call you when potential fraud is detected. Help us protect you. Sign up today.