Mobile Features Help Keep You Safe


Mobile users can control their debit and credit cards through the Family Trust mobile banking app with our card controls feature.

Card controls gives you the ability to disable your credit card and turn it back on with the swipe of a button. Use it to immediately disable a lost or stolen card or just for safety’s sake when you’re not using it – especially when traveling internationally or locally during the summer.

To have cards permanently blocked and reissued, you should contact Family Trust at 803-367-4100 during office hours, contact Visa after hours and on weekends at 1-800-682-6075 or report it.

Use Card Controls:

Depiction of the card controls feature within the Family Trust mobile banking application

Please note that the card controls feature is unavailable for daily processing beginning at 8:30pm, which last for approximately 2 hours. If the card is used while disabled, it may become blocked and need to be reissued.

Along with card controls, we also implemented check images, quick balance, member-to-member transfers, touch ID for cell phones with fingerprint authentication, and Bill Pay.

See FAQs to help you get started with mobile features.