Bill Pay Upgrade: Answers For FAQs


On May 25, Family Trust Bill Pay was upgraded with a new look. Enjoy an easier, faster and more convenient way to pay bills.

After May 25 upgrade, be sure to re-enroll for eBills. The payee will transfer to the new site but you will need to re-enroll for eBill services. To re-enroll click on the full site. Then make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off. You will be asked to accept terms and conditions the first time you visit the full site.

Why aren’t my pending payments showing?

Bills scheduled prior to the blackout date of May 23 to be paid May 23-27 will be paid by the previous bill pay vendor, PSCU. These will not show in the new bill pay system under pending payments but will reflect in your account transaction history after payment. Bills scheduled to be paid May 28 or after will appear under pending payments.

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