Beach bash helps kids celebrate saving

What do hula hoops and flip-flops, palm trees and Boogie boards have in common with saving? Plenty if you attended our Youth Celebration on Saturday at our branches on Dave Lyle branch in Rock Hill and in Clover.

Children from around the county visited the branches during our annual party for Explorer’s Club members. You could practically smell the sea salt and sun screen during the three-hour event where children made a craft, ate cupcakes and participated in contests to earn money to save.
But the best part was the deposits they made to their savings accounts.

“I cleaned my room at Granny’s and sold watermelons,” said Cecilia Wooten, 10, of Clover. “I’m trying to save $20 to get American Girl stuff. The money I put in the bank will be for college.”

Cecilia says it’s “kind of easy and kind of hard” to save money, especially when you “really, really want to buy stuff.”

Money and saving is a frequent discussion at the Wooten household, said Cecilia’s mom, Helen. She opened accounts for Cecilia and sister, Jessica, 9, in part to take advantage of the rewards Family Trust gives to Explorer’s Club members for good grades.

Children who open a savings account or share certificate or deposit $25 in an existing account through Friday will be entered to win a trip to the beach. Our goal is to encourage children 12 and under to establish healthy saving habits. It’s a great way to reward them for saving their money all summer.

But there are many great reasons all year to open an Explorer’s Club savings account:

  • $5 for each birthday (birth to 7 years old)
  • $1 for every “A” or equivalent on their report card (8 to 12 years old; up to $6 per grading period)
  • Teach your child great saving habits – Choose a prize with each in-branch deposit.
  • College saving options – a benefit for parents, too.

Our Explorer’s Savings Club introduces “Cadets” (ages 7 and under) and “Commanders” (ages 8 to 12) to an exciting world where space heroes rule and learning about money is cool. We have about 3,000 members and want more. Join us during our Youth Celebration that helps kids reach their savings goals.