Apply for Teacher Grant by Nov. 14


Educators have until Nov. 14 to apply for one of our twenty $500 Teacher Grants.

This year we raised the amount for an individual grant to $500 from $250. Family Trust members who are public, private or home school educators can apply online. Groups of teachers can apply for a grant provided one member of the team belongs to Family Trust.

Lauren Johns and Alice Browder, teachers at Westminster Catawba Christian School, received a grant last year to create a mud kitchen that helps kindergartners learn through imaginary play. “It was a huge blessing for us,” she said. “The grant helped us do something that had been a dream for a while.”

Family Trust has awarded more than $100,000 to over 350 educators since the program began more than 10 years ago. The grants have helped students learn about everything from feeding the hungry to tracking the weather and just about everything in between.