Chip-Enabled Debit: Don't Wait; Activate


Your new chip-enabled debit will be arriving in the mail this summer, and it’s important that you activate it quickly to avoid any inconvenience.

The card contains a new number, PIN, expiration date and security card and must be activated within 60 days of receipt. The old card will become inactive 45 days after receipt of the new card.

Starting fresh with all new numbers is important for the safety of your data. With numerous merchant breaches experienced across the country, it’s hard to know when fraudsters might strike and who is vulnerable. It’s a good time to give everyone a clean slate.

Remember to make necessary changes with any bill you pay automatically with your Visa® Debit. You’ll also need to make changes with online shopping sites like Amazon so payments you have set up go through on time. Read our FAQs to learn more.