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3 ways to make small rooms seem large

Have you tried everything to make the most of your small space? Here are three creative ideas that may surprise you.

Bring nature indoors.
Inviting the great outdoors into your home sets a breezy, open ambiance. But don’t go overboard and clutter up your living space with potted plants—be selective. Choose one or two natural items to enhance your small rooms.

Indulge in serious reflection.
Hanging a mirror on the wall gives the impression that your small room is much larger than it really
is. The larger the mirror, the more dramatic this effect. It can also help you keep an eye on the kids
when you’re in the next room!

Choose a single focal point.*
This may not be easy if your room is cluttered with toys, but if you keep the eye from being drawn
all over the place, you can avoid having the sense that the room is too small. A single focal point can be as simple as a couch with a couple of throw cushions.

From Buckaroo Family Newsletter.