Board of Directors Election

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Board of Director Elections

Family Trust Federal Credit Union elects members yearly to serve voluntarily on the Board of Directors. This year, online voting will be held February 23 through March 18 to allow more members to participate. Board members are volunteers who oversee policy for the credit union. They serve two year terms.

Four candidates for Board of Directors are running for three seats. Results will be announced at the annual meeting held at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, March 24, at the Baxter Hood Center in Rock Hill, SC.

The candidates for three seats are:

Erika Bell

Erika Bell is membership and marketing director for the Upper Palmetto YMCA’s 10 branches. A member for 18 years, she is chair of the Family Trust Supervisory Committee and previously served on a Branch Advisory Committee.

Q&A with Erika

Elizabeth “Ann” Reid

Elizabeth “Ann” Reid is a retired educator who serves on the Rock Hill School Board. She is co-chair of the Business Advisory Committee. A Family Trust member 32 years and a board member almost 20 years, she previously served on the Supervisory Committee.

Q&A with Ann

Chris Ruh

Chris Ruh is executive vice president of sales and compliance at Williams & Fudge, where he has worked 16 years. A Family Trust member five years, he is an Associate Director and previously served on the Nominating Committee.

Q&A with Chris

Ron Russell

Ron Russell is retired from York County Natural Gas and serves as 1st Vice-Chairman on the Family Trust Board. A member 24 years, he has served on the board 10 years and previously served on the Supervisory Committee.

Q&A with Ron

Vote Online

1. All members who receive an e-statement will be sent an email ballot.
2. Go to voting website.
3. Follow the instructions on the screen. Check the name of the candidate(s) of your choice and click the “Submit” button. Your selection(s) will be displayed. You must click the “Confirm” button to register your vote. If you disconnect from the Internet before confirming your choice(s), your vote will not be registered. You will need to log in again to cast your vote.

Vote Now

Vote by Mail

1. All members who receive a paper account statement will be mailed a ballot.
2. Cast your votes by marking the appropriate boxes.
3. Complete the voter identification form then print and sign your name.
4. Please fold bottom flap up and seal. Then fold top flap and seal. It is now a postage-paid envelope ready for mailing.