Take steps to protect identity

Identity theft isn’t new, although taking steps to protect your personal information has taken on a new urgency in South Carolina due to the massive data breach exposed this fall. Employers can help workers understand the implications and encourage them to take steps to protect their identity.

State security breach prompts questions

South Carolina residents are beginning to receive letters from the S.C. Department of Revenue concerning their accounts and the recent security breach. Family Trust wants to help guide you through this situation and urges everyone to first sign up for our IDProtect™ plan. For those who have concerns, we’re happy to address your questions.

Credit score impacts many facets of life

Used to be, no one paid much attention to their credit score or its impact on their pocketbook. Today, most folks know that the score is used not only for mortgages and credit cards, but by some potential employers, and insurance and utility companies.

CEO addresses state security breach

Within the next few days many of you will be receiving a letter or email from the SC Department of Revenue. The letter will notify SC residents who were exposed by the highly publicized breach of the SCDOR data in September 2012.

Know Your Dough: Insurance made easy

So your car is totaled and your insurance will pay off your loan, right? Wrong. Auto insurance in most cases will only cover the cash value of your car minus the deductible. But you can learn how to get extended coverage at our next Know Your Dough workshop Jan. 8.

Nominating Committee named for board election

In accordance with the credit union’s bylaws, the Chairman of the Board of Directors has appointed a Nominating Committee for the 2013 election of officials. Those appointed to the Nominating Committee and their daytime telephone numbers are:

Workshop takes mystery out of car buying

Ok, so you finally bought your dream car. You sunk in as much money as you could scrape together, and you’re ready to ride. But are you? What about the taxes, insurance and gas? There’s a lot more to owning a vehicle than just driving it off the lot.

IDProtect needed more than ever now

Protecting your identity has taken on a new urgency in South Carolina due to the massive data breach exposed this fall. We’re urging our members to register for the free credit monitoring offered through the state and – for greater coverage – our own IDProtect.™:"/about/membership/why-choose-family-trust/identity-theft-protection