Men's clothing with a personal touch

Ronnie Bailes of The Men’s Shop in York says he used to be a men’s clothier – selling everything from socks and hats to dress coats and shirts. Nowadays he says he’s a T-shirt store that sells suits.


Our staff's top 10 local spots

We asked Family Trust employees to tell us their favorite local spots to shop on #SmallBusinessSaturday. Check out what they said about these local businesses. Tag or tell us your favorite local place on Facebook for the chance to win one of two $50 prizes!


Thanks to you, we won Buzzies

Thanks to Family Trust members and community supporters, we won a Herald Readers’ Choice Buzzie Awards for the seventh year in a row!


Celebrate International Credit Union Day

We’re celebrating International Credit Union Day on Thursday, Oct. 16, with a theme of “Local Service. Global Good.”

Over 200 million people worldwide choose credit unions for many reasons like ongoing member education, local charity support, and great member service.


Surveys want to know how we're doing

We’re committed to providing an outstanding experience for you and have begun sending surveys asking for feedback. We’re sending surveys by mail and email to randomly selected members. We want to know what you consider important and how well we deliver what you value.