Celebrating, giving back at street party

We celebrated our new Family Trust Center with a block party Thursday that also marked International Credit Union Day, which commemorates the credit union spirit of supporting one another and giving back.


Members and community gather for Ribbon Cutting

Just like the new Family Trust Center itself, Tuesday’s ribbon cutting combined a tribute to our roots with a promise of the future.

“We started at the Rock Hill Printing and Finishing Co. in the mailroom with a cigar box,” Lee Gardner, Family Trust CEO and president, told the crowd that included many of the credit union’s earliest members. “We’ve come a long way.”


EMV Chip-cards: What You Should Know

The new chip cards have been in the news recently as merchants and consumers prepare for today’s “liability shift” deadline on October 1. Understanding what this means for you is important. Family Trust will begin issuing chip-enabled credit cards this month, and EMV debit cards will be available in early 2016.

In the meantime, you are still protected from fraudulent transactions with Visa’s Zero Liability.


From Lee: A Very Different White Street

As we approach the opening of our new building and branch on White Street, it is important to note this is not the same White Street as in years past. When the original branch was built in 1967, the area was very much an industrial site.


Tiny chip offers big protection

Our Visa Credit cards soon will have chip technology built in to better protect you from fraud. Called EMV, the chip creates a unique transaction code every time you use it at a chip-activated terminal.


Candy for a Cause

Buying a candy bar, book or stuffed animal seems small but the proceeds add up to a big contribution for area charities.


Winthrop Art Installed at Family Trust Center

It’s beginning to feel like home for employees who will move to the new Family Trust Center along W. White Street. This week, the last of 9 art pieces provided by six former Winthrop University art students was installed.

Railroad ties, tea cups, steel, and porcelain are a few materials found in these art pieces which will be permanently display in the building’s community room, outside entrance, lobby and board room. The building also includes a full-service branch, Family Trust Investment Services, and ATM.


Mobile BillPay and Other Features Available

Members can now make payments using our new mobile Bill Pay feature. Additional new features include viewing previously written checks on the mobile app and an enhanced member-to-member transfer feature. Touch ID will be available on compatible Android devices. Here are a few FAQs you may find helpful:


FAQs: What you need to know about one-time passcodes

Protecting your security is our top priority, and with increasing fraud and scammers, it may be easier than you think for someone to steal your passwords. That’s why Family Trust recently introduced one-time passcodes for an added layer of security for online banking.