Spring 2020 Community Partnership Apps: Deadline March 15

Family Trust is grateful for the non-profits and what they do to make our community a better place to live. We understand they are a major component of the community, and giving our support is a great way for us to simply say “thank you.” We strive to be as active as we possibly can within York County and the Community Partnership Program gives us the platform to do just that.


Drive Thru Meal May Cost You More Than Dinner Should

Most cyber theft we hear about in the news are the headline grabbers. Mega amounts of data and financial theft in huge corporations is nothing new, but we rarely think that everyday happenings in life are also at risk.


Election of Board Officials

The Nominating Committee has submitted the following names to be considered in the election of Board Officials to be announced at the 2019 Annual Meeting to be held on April 21st at First Baptist Church, 481 Hood Center Drive, Rock Hill: