Tax Refund Phishing Scams Still Successful

Despite warnings, citizens are still falling for bogus tax refund scams. The most recent discovery was in the involved hackers posing as government tax office officials. Filers were sent phishing emails promising refunds, roughly in the amount of $710.00 U.S., that would be deposited directly to one’s credit card.


Three Great Ways To Save Money

You’ve worked hard, so should your savings! Money Market, Certificate and IRA Accounts are terms you are probably familiar with, but do you really know the difference between them? Here’s a quick overview of these types of savings accounts offered by Family Trust.


Three Savings Challenges to Start the New Year

It is the time of the year again to make goals and of course find new ways to save money. But, who said you can’t have fun while doing it? In these challenges you’ll be in a competition with yourself to see how much money you can save in the new year.