Keep Your “Smart Life” Safe

Living the “smart life” is gaining popularity among busy households and those who appreciate the convenience technology offers. It’s great to lock and unlock your house, adjust the A/C, and reorder items all from your phone or other smart device. However, the growing popularity of smart technology means one thing for sure – hackers take notice and figure out how to undermine it.


Employees Giving Back

We’re not even half way through the 2018 year, and our employees have already put in tremendous work in our community. To support our community, Family Trust gives employees eight hours of work time to volunteer.


Is a Reloadable Card a Good Option for You?

A reloadable debit card is a great option when it comes to budgeting, travel, and helping your children manage their money. Now, Family Trust reloadable cards are easier than ever to use. We decreased the minimum load value from $20 to now only $10, and increased the maximum load value to $5,000. We decreased the minimum purchase age to 16 instead of 18 and now have no monthly reload fees.