Start the Year with Free Financial Education

If you’ve missed out on past “Money Matters” financial education sessions, the new year brings three more free workshops for you. They will cover “Mortgage Buying Basics,” “Auto Buying Basics,” and “Budgeting, Credit Score, and Debt Consolidation” this winter.


Don’t Trust this Email Scam!

Scammers are getting quite crafty in the way they try to trick us. A method that is becoming quite popular among the cybercriminal world is using invoices. They send them to our email with specific information from an online invoice-creating product. Because we are getting better at not clicking links or attachments, these sneaky folks put in a giant button looking like a link to “My Documents” in hopes it appears less intimidating.


$1,000 Community Commitment Scholarship

Are you a student who could benefit from $1,000 extra dollars? The Eddie Reeves Community Commitment Scholarship is now open for applications and will be awarded to a student who exhibits a strong spirit of leadership and volunteerism. This scholarship is open to high school, college and graduate students pursuing a degree from an accredited college or university or a vocational technical school.