Cash for Kids’ Good Grades

It’s almost report card time in York County and Explorer’s Club members can earn extra money for every A they earn on their report cards. It’s an excellent way to teach children about the importance of working hard and saving money.


2017 Buzzie’s Winner!

We are thrilled to announce that Family Trust has been voted the Rock Hill Herald Buzzie’s Best Bank/Credit Union! To all those who voted for us, thank you for your continued support.


Research Shows Americans Still Don't Practice Good Password Use

A recent survey shows that a shocking 81% of Americans say they use the same passwords for more than one account. Passwords are essential to security, but they are not the only method that can or should be used to protect one’s computers and devices. In addition to creating a good password, you should learn how to safeguard it and use it wisely. This means never sharing it and, if unable to remember it, keeping the written copy in a secure location.