When Should You Collect Social Security?

A growing number of Americans have been forced to delay their planned retirement date due to job and savings losses suffered during the past five years. According to a survey, 40% of U.S. workers said they have resolved to retire later due to concerns about outliving their savings and fears of rising health care costs.


Fighting Fraud Just Got Easier

It’s easier than ever to protect yourself against fraud with Visa Purchase Alerts that provide real-time notification of purchases made with your debit, credit or reloadable card.


Rewards For Good Grades Coming Soon

Hey Explorer Club members: you’ve still got time to turn in As and earn some cash from Family Trust.

Explorer Club members ages 8 to 12 can get $1 for every A or A equivalent on their report card, which will be handed out in the various York County districts Oct 20-28. Just bring your card by any branch and we’ll deposit your reward into your savings account.


Four Tips Help You Beat Ransomware

Ransomware is malware that encrypts and holds your sensitive data hostage until money or another type of payment is made. Most of the time it’s delivered via email in the form of phishing, but can also arrive in adware or even on Facebook or Twitter. The ransom can be anything from a “like” on a social media page to hundreds of dollars. Here’s how to avoid being a victim:


Time to finally give up on big banks

Questionable behavior from the big banks and Wall Street led to the financial collapse in 2008 that brought on costly regulations we’re all paying for. More impropriety was reported last week concerning Wells Fargo.


Investment workshops offered this fall

Family Trust Investment Services will offer two workshops in October – one to help your get children ready for college and the other to help you get ready for retirement. Both will begin at 6 p.m. at our branch in Fort Mill.