Crunch the Numbers: Scores, Down Payments, and Expenses

When it comes to home-buying, numbers carry a lot of weight. The most influential number is your credit score which ranges from 300 to 850.

To prequalify for a mortgage, you’ll need a minimum score of 640. And to build a new home with a construction loan, you’ll need a minimum score of 680. The credit bureau maintains up-to-date reports on these scores and if you’re not sure how you measure up, request a free report today. Family Trust also provides free credit reviews to members.

Pinless Debit: Challenges for Some Members

The debate about interchange income continues between merchants and financial institutions, and unfortunately members are being caught in the crossfire.


Same Family, New Place: Family Trust Center Branch Managers

Progress is happening fast at our new Family Trust Center in Knowledge Park on West White Street. And we’re excited to announce that Gabriela Talkington will serve as branch manager when the building opens in late summer. Victoria Lackey, who served at the branch before it closed for construction, will return as assistant manager.