Wise Words: Facebook Friends Give Home-Buying Tips

We asked our social media followers to give us their best home buying advice. Here’s what they said:

Kev Otto says “Don’t over extend yourself. Unexpected things happen, and you need any extra to cover those things” …”start small and move up. You don’t need to have it all the first time around. #financialliteracymonth”


For Your Safety: Phishing Scams

Family Trust is warning members not to respond to emails from unknown persons or companies that ask you to confirm or verify bank account information or encourage opening an attachment.


Advantages of Getting Prequalified

“Getting prequalified is the first step in the home-buying process” says Kim Gillette, assistant vice president, mortgage production manager. She offers that prequalification generally takes 24-48 hours and can be done by visiting any branch or applying online. To prequalify, buyers need to know basic financial information such as gross monthly income and job history.


From Lee: PFM & Account Aggregation – The Next Phase of Online Banking

In February, I wrote about the personal financial management (PFM) and account aggregation tool called Mint that was being used by some of our members. The introduction of data protection measures required by federal regulation had rendered this product unusable on our online banking service. At that time, I promised we’d do some research and follow-up.


3 Financial Tips You Can Use

April is Financial Literacy Month, and a great time to think about some important lessons everyone can learn about finances. Whether you’re a parent talking about money with your kids or a professional looking for a few tips, there’s always something to learn.

Here are some fun activities you can do to expand your financial knowledge.


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